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About Jacque Baker and the Colored Endsheets

Jacque Baker, the artist who painted the beautiful endsheets that appeared in the 2001 second edition of History of Abraham Hunsaker and His Family (now out of print), has graciously consented to have jpgs of these endsheets included with the CD/PDF versions of the book.

The front endsheet is a collection of scenes from Historic Nauvoo 1839-1946 painted by Jacque in 1996 for the Utah Pioneer Sesquicentennial Celebration. Although Abraham’s mill was located three miles downstream from Nauvoo, Jacque has placed it near the center of the painting and labeled in well. Jacque stated that all of the buildings in the painting had been restored except the Hunsaker mill and the Nauvoo Temple. Since 1996 the Temple has been rebuilt. "It is impossible to step on Nauvoo soil and not sense its bittersweet feeling," wrote Jacque. "Such a lovely and peaceful spot, full of much touching history. It was a pleasure to get to know this area and tell my story in the colors of Nauvoo the Beautiful."

The back endsheet is a combination of scenes from Box Elder County "dedicated to the memory of our mother, Nola Hawks Baker, who was born, raised and married in Brigham City." Jacque Baker is a great-granddaughter of "Aunt Maggie Hawks," who as a teenager accompanied her half-brother Israel Hunsaker and family to the Cotton Farm in Utah's Dixie and lived with them for several years. At Silver Reef Joshua Hawks asked Israel for permission to marry Margaret "Maggie" Hunsaker (Israel having been delegated by their father Abraham to help select a suitable husband for Maggie). The couple was married in the St. George Temple, then traveled to Arizona. They made the descent to the Colorado River through the infamous "hole in the rock" then continued south to Mesa.

Jacque Baker's works have been internationally published and commissioned. She has completed paintings for actor Clint Eastwood, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Pebble Beach Resort, Western World in Japan, Ellis Island, former President George H. W. Bush, and for both the Utah Centennial and Sesquicentennial Committees. Jacque's oil titled Hole in the Wall Gang is the first in a series of paintings commissioned by Paul Newman for ten camps for seriously ill children. The paintings are used in post cards and puzzles that are given to the children as they leave camp.

Our thanks to Jacque for so generously sharing her talent with us. (See last two pages of PDF file for pictures and further information. The PDF file includes all of the pages in the book, so its numbers for the preliminary pages (title, table of contents, prefaces) are 1–10 rather than i–x as in the book. Consequently, if you use Adobe’s "Go To Page" (Ctrl+N) command to move to a specific page quickly, you add 10 to the page number wanted—e.g. 198 + 10 = 208.)


—Gwen Hunsaker Haws, Editor, both editions

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